Thursday, November 16, 2006

Fantino rakes justice system

"Ontario’s justice system is undermining police efforts to crack down on impaired drivers who kill scores of people in the province every year, OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino said today."

Yet another  law and order mentality cheapshot at the "justice system".   Never do the police take a step back and evaluate themselves and ask why it is that some charges are stayed, dismissed, or otherwise.  In my experience, it is actually because of sloppy police work, indiscriminate breaching of people's rights, and a displacement of funds to police forces while not equaling out the costs to courts and other members of the justice system that results in individuals not being brought to justice.  Remember, the most difficult thing for a criminal defence lawyer, is a police officer who does his job properly and diligently, without breaching anyone's rights, and who plays by the rules.  Fortunately for me, this does not happen often and as a result I am very successful in winning my cases.  Of course, you would never hear Fantino say something to the effect of "police need to stop breaching Charter rights, investigate their cases properly, and get the respect of the community" yet the irony is that this is precisely how he would achieve his objectives.

Source: - Fantino rakes justice system

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