Monday, January 8, 2007

The Criminal Lawyers' Year in Review - Law Times

This is a very good article on the 2006 year in review.  I was planning on doing an entry like this myself on my blog, but why re-invent the wheel.  Some highlights are:

For criminal lawyers, mega-trials and funding, or lack thereof, for defence counsel were the top issues of 2006 and  it looks like they’ll spill over into this year.


It wasn’t exactly a stellar year from the Supreme Court of Canada, according to defence lawyer John M. Rosen of Rosen and Company Barristers. However, he and others selected R. v. Khelawon as one of the most significant decisions of 2006 because it overrode previous decisions such as R. v. Starr about the admissibility of hearsay.

Follow the link to get up to speed on the law (perhaps one of your New Year's resolutions).

Link to Law Times

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