Friday, October 31, 2008

Waiting for a Verdict

Here is a post from my photography blog as it is relevant to criminal lawyer.

As some of you know, when not taking pictures I’m a criminal defence lawyer practicing out of Toronto.  Yesterday, my co-counsel David Bayliss and I completed a case in Newmarket for first-degree murder.  Waiting for verdicts is easily the most stressful time for a defence lawyer, particularly when it is for murder.  For hours on end you wait for a call that will determine whether your client will spend the rest of his life behind bars, or be set free and walk out of the Courthouse: there is no other experience like it.  Our client was acquitted at 6:07 p.m; by 6:30, he was breathing the cool, snow-dusted Autumn air.  This is David moments before this man’s liberty was restored. 

David Bayliss waiting on a murder verdict

It’s been some time since I last added any entries to the blog as I have been caught up in this and other cases.  I hope that my readers have not become too disinterested.  I am hoping to add much more content in the near future.  Happy Halloween.

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