Monday, November 10, 2008

Police Taser Use and Abuse in Canada

I came across an interesting article on CBC News today on the disturbing trend and proliferation of taser deaths in Canada.  The link can be found here where it shows as of July 2008 there had been over 20 deaths at the hands of tasers. 

Deaths continue to mount and notwithstanding the troubling news, police and politicians alike, like Alberta’s Solcitor General, continue to defend their use.  Is is amazing that these deaths are tolerated as collateral damage to effective law enforcement.  The Solicitor General in this instance says that “until there is conclusive evidence that stun guns are dangerous, police will be able to use them.”  There is a latin phrase that lawyers use from time to time: Res ipsa loquitur.  Some things speak for themselves. 

I would have thought that 20 deaths would articulate the point quite well, but perhaps the politicians and police are waiting for people Robert Dziekański to speak from the grave that they do indeed kill people.

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Jafo said...

Since 2004, there have been 23 deaths attributed to tasers.

The sad part is there was a motion in Parliament that would enable prison officials the right to use tasers. Luckily, because of the ongoing inquirys, it has been shelved for now. The story is on the CBC website but I don't have the link just now.