Saturday, March 3, 2007

The dark side of justice

Today's Toronto Star covered a very interesting article on the costs of legal fees that have reached to the point where most potential litigants are unable to fund the cost of a civil matter.  Although my practice is exclusive to criminal matters where the fees are often a small fraction of civil rates, there is also a very concerning problem with the present state of the Legal Aid system in Ontario.  Most individuals who are charged with a criminal offence are unable to afford the cost of representation and are required to seek the assistance of Legal Aid.  Like the article below states, it is often the poorest of the poor who are eligible for Legal Aid leaving too many unrepresented litigants in the justice system and often aggravating the efficiencies as a result. 

With the cost of a three-day civil trial estimated at $60,738 – more than a year's income for most households – Canadians are being driven to financial and emotional ruin by a justice system that's priced itself solidly out of reach.

Source: - News - The dark side of justice

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